UMass A Race
Cross Photos




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The CycleRazzi await the start of the A's on a beautiful day at UMass
Frank and Mark lead the pack up the first curb
Johs, Justin and company chase
Richie Peers leads Mark McCormack.  This is as far back as Mark will ever be.
Mark leads the rest.
Up the next curb
Series of Frank leading the top 5 up the hurdle.   He always carries his bike! (1/3)
Synchronized Crossing! - Theos (UMass), Kyle (Community), and Will (Hot Tubes)
Umass and Sacha Henchman
Johs' childhood modern dance skills come in handy
JD Bilodeau runs away from his dad's race commentary
JD Bilodeau showing the pain of cross
Robbie Dapice way up there, in his second race
Dream Bikes' Flying Sacha Henchman stomps on barrier
Then has to hit the brakes because he's going so fast
A common view for all but the top 5 riders
A Trek ride on an "Elite" bike.
Series Leader, and National Champion
The same old story
Dream Bikes' Sacha Henchman loves his Moser
Justin Spinelli, the surprise of the day, leads the usual four
Svatek leads the promoter, Adam "now working and married" Myerson
Henchman still loves his Moser
A 6 photo series:  This is how the pros hurdle!
2/6 Tim takes the lead
3/6 McCormacks think about what's for dinner
4/6 They decide it'll be espoires
5/6 But Johs and Justin don't care
6/6 Johs says this is only warm up for Tufts!
The 10th best in the World, riding Somerville's best
The famous "Man in Black from Boston"
The Moser tries to float away
Mark, Frank, Shawn.  1,2, and lapped.


Our future World Champion espoires?
The most laid back friendly cross guy ever
JD sprints and nips the CCB guy at the line
Sacha, not lapped
Pantani and the gimp (caught again!)