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New England Collegiate Cross Championships


At UMass 11/15/98

(click on each photo for the big view)


Robbie Dapice (Dartmouth) conquers the tricky off camber stuff

Umass Rider catches air in pursuit of Dapice
Mountain bikes are welcomed!  Suspension was helpful.
Second and third place play cat and mouse
While Dartmouth's Dapice attacks...
Sprinting out of every corner, creating a huge gap
Another UMass rider
The shadow of Dapice on the off camber section
Boston College's Dina Smith has a blast
While modeling the jersey she designed
Cornell tries hard to be different.  This guy dismounts to the right.
Patrick Rowland (B.U.) hurdles while thinking about that Poly Sci dissertation
Dapice on the last lap
Making sure he has the gap
Or did he see someone cute?
Was it this UMass woman?
The sprint for second place - UMass by a hair
Fourth place is UMass