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Pictures from Bay State Cross:

Andrew Yee (Dream Bikes), Pole Position at the Start, but not for long

Start of the B's

Getting aero on my mountain bike

The First Hurdle - Andrew Yee (Dream Bikes) leading the eventual winner (sandbagger? Dan Coady)

Stefan Hasselberg's (Tosk/BCA) first hurdle

Mike Ross' (Pig Iron) first hurdle

Dream Boy Murray!

Steve Ransom and Mike Ross

Steve Ransom, pre-asthma

Mike Ross (Pig Iron) grabbing a bottle

Sean Horita (NEBC) running the hill

Mike Ross tearing up the hill

Will Sean make the saddle?  Will he ever have kids?

Mike Ross' newfound technique

Jonathan Murray (Dream Bikes) flies through the barriers

Sean Horita chasing Murray

Murray sprinting for personal satisfaction


The Post-Race Dream Bikes and Friends Tailgate:

The Official Grill (1)

The Official Grill (2)

Pantani (Marek, NEBC) and the Freak

More Cipolini wanna-bees

Anthony Roldan, our gourmet chef, and The Official Dream Grill

Kyle Dream Boy Stylin'

Sacha Henchman (Dream Bikes) wasted (from the A race or the tailgate?)

Bob Roldan (Dream Bikes), Olivia and Julie